Frequently asked questions

How long will my referral last ?

Your referral will last 1 year unless otherwise specified by your GP.

Dr or Mr ?

Mr is title given to a doctor who has postgraduate qualification in a branch of surgery eg ENT, Orthopaedics, Cardiac surgery etc. It is historical and only used in some states in Australia (including Victoria)


– All our fees are at approximately recommended AMA rates.

– Please pay your fees on the day – cash, cheques and most credit cards are accepted.

– Part of your bill will be rebated by Medicare.

– Private insurance does not cover specialist visits.

– Review consultations are charged at a different rate to initial consultations, are rebateable and also billed around AMA rates.

– Pensioners, Veteran’s affairs may be charged at the government recommended schedule fee or in certain cases bulk billed.

During your consultation with Mr Gordon you may need to have certain ancillary procedures to complete your assessment or treat your condition. These are charged for separately to your consultation and are also medicare rebateable. Such procedures may include nasoendoscopy, audiometry, suction eat toilet, cautery and biopsy. Please ask our staff if you wish to know the out of pocket amounts for these procedures.